Thank you for visiting our page. The Straw Lodge is taking a stand again suicide in the UK. In 2017 there were 6,213 suicides in the UK and Republic of Ireland. In the UK men are 3 times more likely to take their lives than women (84 men lose their life to suicide every week in the UK). 


What do we currently do?


The Straw Lodge is mental health charity. We want to save lives and improve mental wellbeing. The Charity currently provides a buddying support service to individuals who are at higher risk of suicide.



Building the Straw lodge – Our aspiration for the future.


The Straw Lodge is also working towards building a sanctuary, which will exists to give time, space and relief to those who are facing suicidal crisis. The sanctuary will provide a safe place where people can sleep, cry and talk. A place that provides opportunities for people to overcome personal struggles, re-discover hope and build resilience. We need your help. Please click here to make a donation.



The Straw Lodge Registered Charity Number 1177936