Our Vision

To create a safe, supportive and sustainable place helping those in suicidal crisis; providing space and time for those in need to aid their recovery


  • We will actively listen and give our full attention to everyone that we work with.
  • We respect diversity and will be inclusive in everything we do.
  • Our services will be open, accessible and welcoming to everyone.
  • We will include the whole community in our consultation process.


  • We will be open, honest, straightforward and genuine.
  • We will hold responsibility for doing what we promise and build trust with the┬ácommunity and stakeholders.


  • We will care the environment become eco-friendly in everything we do.
  • We will use sustainable materials and work towards reducing greenhouse emissions, water and energy consumption.
  • We will recycle our waste and promote a culture of using eco-friendly products.

Be CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE in everything we do

  • We will work with industry partners and the community to provide support, insight and real solutions to the biggest issues facing those who are in suicidal crisis.
  • We will take action to focus on the root causes of social problems to tackle them at the earliest possible stage.
  • We will put theory into practice and strive to be at the cutting edge of mental wellbeing practices.